Mio Amore Black Forest Cake

Mio Amore Black Forest Cake Price

Mio Amore Black Forest Cake

A cake is nothing without its nice design and tasty flavor? A black forest cake is a popular choice for a good amount of people, and Mio Amore provides best black forest cakes to satisfy you. Mio Amore offers black forest cakes in every shape and design to delight your loved ones, whether it’s a friend’s birthday or your parent’s anniversary. Now in this content you are going know everything about Mio Amore along with an updated Mio Amore Black Forest Cake Price list.

Customization is available from your own choice. You can also place an order for a black forest cake online and use the midnight delivery service to have it delivered to your loved ones.

Mio Amore has probably the widest variety of Bakery Confectionary goods in India and will fascinate you with its wide collection of tasty items, freshly made – just the method you like it. So choose your favorite black forest cake recipe and send it to your loved ones. Cakes are tasty and delightful. Send this delicious Black Forest Cake from Mio Amore to India to delight your loved ones’ taste buds.

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At Reasonable Prices, Delight Your Loved Ones with Their Favorite Cake

The cake has cherries and chocolate crisps on top. Send this cake to your loved ones on any special occasion and allow them to savor the flavor to the fullest. Sending gifts to India with us is quick, simple, and secure.

Mio Amore, which translates to “My Dearest,”. It always provides million of smiles to it’s customers by giving a lot of options in the cake world. with 100% quality. This is why, when you walk into their store, you get something unique and different approach by Mio Amore.

Foodyhive is the place where you can get actual Mio Amore Black Forest Cake Price List 2022. In this informational blog you will get the current updated menu and prices for Mio Amore Cakes in India.

2022 Mio Amore Cake Price List

Mio Amore Black Forest Cake

Here is the current Mio Amore Cakes 2022 price list in India;

CakesWeightPrice (Rs)
Mio Amore Choco Floral Cake (eggless)(300 Gms)300
Mio Amore Red Velvet Cake (eggless)(400 Gms)350
Mio Amore White Forest Cake 400
Mio Amore Baby Small Lion King Cake (Non-Veg) 450
Mio Amore Strawberry Round Cake 320
Mio Amore Black Forest Round Cake(500 Gms)430
Mio Amore Choco Blossom Cake(500 Gms)475
Mio Amore Rich Dutch Chocolate Cake(300 Gms)220
Mio Amore Choco Rosalia Cake 495
Mio Amore Choco Feather Cake(500 Gms)335
Mio Amore Mango Samoa Cake 250
Mio Amore Chocolate Round Large Cake(1kg)650
Mio Amore Choco Espresso Cake 400
Mio Amore Butterscotch Round Small 350
Mio Amore Dual Forest Heart Large Cake 880
Mio Amore Chocolate Heart Cake 375

Mio Amore accepts online orders for Black Forest Cake

A flawlessly moist Black Forest Chocolate Cake layered with super smooth spoons of cream and topped with red cherries will surely make your mouth water. If you are waiting to order Black Forest Cake online then Mio Amore can help you here to create a big smile on your beloved person on any special occasion.

Customers appreciate Mio Amore for their beautiful design on each cake.

Mio Amore hopes to form stronger bonds, even life-long bonds, as you embark on your issue.

The Benefits of Using Mio Amore for Black Forest Cake Delivery

  • Same-day and midnight cake delivery is available
  • Add-ons are available from a reputable online cake bakery.


How much does a pound of Black Forest cake cost?

Black Forest Cake cost Rs 230/pound

What is the cheapest Black Forest cake?

The price of a 12 kg black forest cake starts at INR 499.

How much does Mio Amore cost?

The Mio Amore menu at the store is generally priced between $10 and $880.

Is the Mio Amore Black Forest Cake egg-free?

Narayanpur Mio Amore is a retail shop in Kolkata, West Bengal that sells black forest gateau and eggless truffle cake.

Who is Mio Amore’s owner?

Arnab Basu, the owner of popular confectionery brands Mio Amore and Winkies.

How long can it be kept?

In the summer, the cakes soiled faster, and in the winter, they can last a little longer than expected. A Black Forest can be kept in the fridge for up to three days. If you consume a their black forest cake within a week then it’s good. That’s why Foodyhive never recommends to consume Mio Amore black forest cake after a week.

What Kinds of Black Forest Cakes Are There?

Black Forest cakes come in both egg and eggless varieties. Of course, the most common is a round-shaped black forest, but now with the help of different innovations you can find Mio Amore Black Forest Cakes with a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes. Below we are giving some examples of Black Forest Cakes design:

  • Black Forest with a Heart
  • Black Forest designer cakes
  • Photo Cake of the Black Forest
  • Black Forest Cake with Cherries
  • Cake in the Shape of Two Heart

You can order Mio Amore Black Forest Cakes by click here. Thanks for reading Foodyhive also you can read our recent blog by click here which is on Amul choco bar.

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