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kurkure making machine names- the secret is going to reveal

There is no one in India who has never eaten Kurkure. We were beaten many times by our parents for eating this snack. The taste is still amazing as it was exactly fifteen years ago. Now you will get a lot of flavours of Kurkure. The pack is the most attractive, that we all know because we have all get attracted to it many times since our childhood. We are really happy to find such a snack as kurkure in India. That’s why a question comes to our mind many times which machine makes Kurkure? Today in this informational blog I am going to share all about kurkure making machines.

Kurkure, the product type is corn puff sticks which are made up of corn, rice, palm oil, gram meal, spices, salt, sugar, tartaric, lentil, and E631. The owner is PepsiCo. Kurkure was first introduced in 1999 in India. Currently, they are marketing in six countries, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UAE, UK & Canada. The name is unique and suits the product perfectly which means crunchy.

There are seven manufacturing plants of Kurkure in India and places are Sangrur, Pune, Howrah, Sonipat, Ranga Reddy, Vaishali, and Kamrup.

Different flavours of Kurkure in India:

In India Kurkure has below 22 falvours-

  • Chili Chatka
  • Masala Munch
  • Green Chutney
  • Tamatar Hyderabadi Style
  • Malabar Masala Style
  • Masala Twists
  • Naughty Tomato
  • Desi Beats
  • Puffcorn
  • Monster Paws
  • Hyderabadi Hungama
  • Lime Pickle
  • Zig Zag
  • Solid Masti
  • Corn Cups
  • Monster Smiles
  • Tangy Tomato
  • Butter Masti
  • Kurkure Triangles
  • Khatta Meetha
  • Multigrain
  • Chatpata Cheese
Raw Kurkure

Kurkure Manufacturing process:

At first, all raw materials like corn, rice, palm oil, gram meal, spices, salt, sugar, tartaric, lentil, and E631 are brought to the plant. Before starting the process first these raw materials samples are tested. Only after these are passed the work resumes. Then rice, corn meal, gram meal, and water are poured into a blender with a suitable volume to blend them. After the kurkure mixture is made, it is sent to the extruder where the kurkure takes a crooked shape. But it still now needs to be spiced with kurkure’s special spices. After coming through the conveyor belt they are fried.

Then after coming out of there, they are poured into the seasoning tumbler to mix spices. Then kurkure is ready to pack. After that, they are packed but even before their final departure, the product is scanned to make final assurance that no foreign particles have entered into the product. The packaging materials are approved by the quality control lab before it goes to the packaging section.

All of their plant and manufacturing facilities are designed for a higher standard of food safety. These plants have been selected in locations that provide the right environment for manufacturing and processes controlled. Their commitment to food safety has been recognized nationally and internationally by some of the leading associations and CII national award is one of them. That is why kurkure is one of the most trusted brands in the food product category in India since 2010 in a survey done by the Economic Times. This namkeen snack continues to delight consumers across India with its imperfect shape and the perfect amazing taste.

Machines during process:


Blender machine


Extruder machine

Conveyor belt-

Conveyor belt machine

Kurkure packing machine-

Kurkure packing machine

With these above pictures, we have mentioned all names of the kurkure making machine. Along with this, we have mentioned the history of kurkure, the ingredients of kurkure, the manufacturing process of it, and how they maintain quality and safety.

Now this question will not be unknown to you what is the manufacturing process of kurkure? If you want another blog on kurkure making machine price then please let us know. We will create new blogs on the kurkure making machine price list and automatic kurkure making machine price.

We hope that this blog will give you complete information on kurkure making machine. Thanks for reading foodyhive. Click here to read foodyhive’s recipes.

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