Amul Choco Bar Ice Cream

Amul Choco Bar Ice Cream

Amul Choco Bar Ice Cream is a part of Amul, the business’s parent. Given that the company deals in frozen dairy products, it is connected to the food business. Founded in 1946 by its founder, Tribhuvandas Patel, Amul is an Indian cooperative. Amul began making Amul Ice Cream in 1996, and by 1999, it was freely accessible in the majority of the nation. Amul Chocobar has 329 calories per serving, with 24 g of carbs, 24 g of fat, and 4 g of protein. Get complete nutrition information for the brands and foods you love.

Why Amul is unique ?

In India, Amul is the leading ice cream brand of choice for a large number of ice cream lovers.  Amul had the Guinness record for the longest-running commercial campaign (and still does). Due to its strategy on digital marketing, Amul is the most popular on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

In India, Amul is a well-known brand with a high market value. It is among the most famous and coveted brands of dairy goods. It delights its customers with it’s wide range of products such as Kulfi, cones, pack tubs, cups, sticks, choco bars, and ice candies.

Many Indians who enjoy ice cream choose Amul as their first pick. Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) founded the Amul brand in Gujarat & Anand in 1946. Not only ice-cream even it has different other products also including milk, yogurt, cheese, buttermilk, shrikhand, chocolate, flavored milk, and milk powder, in addition to ice creams. In 1996, Gujarat became the first market where Amul’s ice creams were sold. Since that time, they haven’t turned around. As a result, Amul is currently the most popular brand in country. Amul offers consumers the real taste & flavor of camel milk in the form of ice cream.

Ingredients & different flavours:

Amul’s Camel Milk Ice Cream is created from 100% camel milk and is a fantastic choice for consumers who are health conscious because it has a low-fat content of 4.4%. Amul provides different flavors like strawberry, litchi, and pasta with different sizes like 120 mL, 50 mL, bulk packs, family packs, and combo packs. For customers who are health-conscious, Amul came with sugar-free ice cream in 2007. Amul is a reputable company, and its ice cream is created with fresh, whole milk. It is a nutritious product because it contains calcium and protein. Amul’s ice cream comes in incredibly appealing packaging, which is crucial for any product. Amul Ice Cream consists of

  • Amul Epic Strawberry Twist
  • Amul Frostik
  • Amul Fundoo
  • Amul Sundae
  • Amul Chocolate Brownie
  • Amul Fresh Litchi
  • Amul fresh Strawberry
  • Amul Black Currant
  • Amul Kaju Draksh
  • Amul Cookies N Cream
  • Amul Afghan Dry Fruit
  • Amul Kis Mis Kaju
  • Amul Creamy Almond
  • Amul Kesar Pista
  • Amul Butter Scotch
  • Amul Chocolate
  • Amul Spanish Saffron and Cream Balls
  • Amul Chocó chips
  • Amul Shahi Anjir
  • Amul Tutti Frutti
  • Amul Chaupati
  • Amul Malai Kulfi
  • Amul Epic Choco Cappuccino
  • Amul Epic Choco Almond
  • Amul Prolife Probiotic Ice Cream
  • Amul Choco Caramel
  • Amul Orange Vanilla
  • Amul Dark Choco Sin
  • Amul Jigar Thandai
  • Amul Kesar Delight
  • Amul Mango Marble
  • Amul Rum Punch
  • Amul Koolfi-e-Khaas
  • Amul Pan Nawabi

Market places of Amul Choco Bar Ice Cream:

Since Amul Ice Cream has a presence in all of India, it may be found in the majority of Indian places. Amul Ice Cream’s head office is located in Gujarat’s Anand. Amul Choco Bar Ice Cream is ISO certified and ensures that food safety is always guaranteed.

The company’s distribution network makes it simple to move products from manufacturing facilities to retail establishments. The parent company’s distribution network has been utilized by Amul Ice Cream. In this information section of Foodyhive, we will present all big global food brands for you. Here you can all the information of these big brands regarding their history, owner, current market value, marketing areas, and future scope of these brands.

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