About Me: Foodyhive

Hii, this is Shitangshi here. I am the founder of foodyhive.com. I am from West Bengal, India and the city where I live is Siliguri. As I belong to a Bengali family I am a food lover since my childhood. There is no alternative to my fascination with food. My mother died due to a road accident and I was very young then. My passion for food started growing right then. All household chores had to be done with my granny and I had access to the kitchen. Don’t worry, all I will share about my cooking experience in this page called, about me: Foodyhive.

Let’s talk about my education and family:

Now I am just 21 years old and doing my master’s in a political science subject. I finished my school journey in 2019. My favorite subject is political science and as per that, I chose this subject. And my father is an employee of a private construction company. My brother is studying in class 10’th. This is all about my small family.

Fascination for food:

If anyone allows me to spend a whole day with all the raw vegetables in the kitchen, I will be the happiest person. Chicken is my all-time favorite and I can make 10 different dishes with chicken. Since I was in class seven to now, this 8 years journey presents my cooking experience. I also love to prepare delicious dishes with vegetables. Here just for you, I am sharing a picture of Paneer Lababdar, which I made a few days ago. Soon I will share the recipe for this.

This website I have made to share my experience with you. I hope you definitely will like this. For any query or question please send a mail to shitangshi@foodyhive.com. You also can leave your comment in the below comment section. Your every response will increase the taste of my every recipe. See you with my next recipe.